Why Counseling?

There are many stereotypes that come to mind when most people hear the words “counseling” or “therapy.”  The truth is, that you will get from counseling what you put in to it.  Many people benefit from seeing a counselor, and not just for  depression or anxiety, but other issues such as how to adjust to being married or having a new baby, dealing with a difficult work situation or co-workers, trouble with family members, and all manner of life events and transitions.

Many times we think that things “aren’t that bad, so I don’t really need counseling.” But why wait until things get bad? Why not take a proactive step towards a better quality of life and address those things in life that need attention.  By taking care of ourselves, we are better equipped to care for those that are most dear to us.  We become better parents, partners, and friends when we love and know ourselves first.

As much as I encourage those suffering with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety to seek counseling services, I also encourage those dealing with life’s curveballs to come in and take steps to enjoy and live your life more fully.  We are all busy, and our time is valuable, so make an investment that with your hard work is sure to pay off.